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is the business development branch of Swiss Consulting Group with the aim to decrease poverty. About us


From Business Plan to Multi Project Management

Swiss Create Business Manager supports business startups, project management and evaluation and is an ideal consulting tool.
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All modules have predefined content that has successfully been tested in practice. You can freely modify most of it.


Create multiple SCBM projects in order to manage multiple businesses or projects in parallel. For each projects you can use all modules.


Print individual modules or create a complete report with a selection of modules. The title page and appendix can be edited freely. The reports have a professional look and are generated as pdf files.


Share your SCBM projects with other users (even with free users). This makes SCBM a great consulting tool - you individualize the modules for your customers and they work out their answers.

All team members can write comments to each module.

Own Templates

Save your modified modules as templates and keep them private or share them with other users.


SCBM is a cloud application - all you need is a modern web browser and an internet connection. You can login to your account from any computer without installation. Data sharing between users is easy because all data is stored in the cloud. The cloud is hosted on a server and is backed up daily.

Additional material

The complete book "The Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs" by Mario Brühlmann is available for download.

Mario Brühlmann is an international business consultant. This book summarizes what it needs for doing business successfully. Practice oriented and easy to read.

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SCBM is being used in several countries already. The following languages are supported so far:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Vietnamese
  • Nepalese

Would you like to translate SCBM into another language? Please contact us

Who should use SCBM?

In Switzerland, SCBM is mainly used by SME and NPO managers. In other countries, it is mainly used for startups. Even people without business education can easily use the professional tools of SCBM.


Swiss Create Business Manager supports all processes when building or expanding a business.

  • Start-ups
  • developing business models
  • developing a strategy
  • risk management
  • marketing
  • process optimization

Project Managers

SCBM supports you in various project phases and tasks.

  • defining a project
  • finding and convincing investors
  • successfully leading a project
  • minimize cost overruns and risks
  • monitoring and evaluating a project

Consultants and Mentors

Use SCBM as a consulting tool. You can easily modify the questions of the business model, risk analysis etc. to suit the needs of your customers.

  • user friendly tools for your customers
  • guided questionnaires
  • easy to adapt
  • team work over internet
  • simple task management
  • professional reports

Charities and NPO

Develop and describe charity projects of all kinds in a simple and effective way.

  • design charity projects
  • finance charity projects
  • project management
  • collaboration with partners in other countries
  • tried and tested project templates
  • multi project management

Trainer and Students

Students can practice their business administration knowledge with SCBM.

Use SCBM in your teaching if you are a teacher in industrial schools or master trainings.

Send us a scan of your current student or teacher card and receive a discount.


  • SCBM enables COM to offer an educational program on a high standard to their partners in Eastern Europe and Asia.

    Georges Dubi, director of COM
  • For me, SCBM is an ideal tool to manage my 40 projects in 8 countries.

    Gallus Tannheimer, project manager
  • I especially like the fact that SCBM is a cloud software. This lets me work with my clients from wherever I am, no matter which country I am in or if I work on a Windows or Apple computer.

    Alexander Muxel, business consultant
  • The ABC of business administration in a nutshell. A fantastic tool!

    Andrea Simeon, Betriebsleiterin Stiftung Scalottas

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